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HG Pregnancy

If you’ve been diagnosed with (or suspect) Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), let me first say:

I am so sorry. 

And second: 

I’m here to help you.

I have personally experienced HG throughout five pregnancies, so I understand how devastating it can be. My HG was “mild/moderate” compared to what many women experience, but anyone who has had even a “mild” case knows it’s anything but easy.

As a birth doula, I strive to provide educational resources to help my clients feel confident as they approach labor. For a woman dealing with HG, my combined knowledge and personal experience can be a great resource. Women with HG are often not understood by family, friends, and even providers. Many people genuinely suggest standard morning sickness aids and cures, honestly thinking they could help. They have no idea the extreme nature of HG is far beyond saltines and ginger ale. Loved ones often can’t fully understand the constant nausea, the exhaustion, the isolation, and the emotional and mental toll it takes on a woman and her family when she can’t live her daily life in a normal manner.

Having the support of a doula who has been through it can be invaluable. I can’t make HG go away, but I can be a warm, caring ear to listen when you need it. I can be someone who understands the devastating impact that HG can have on your unborn baby, your body, and your mind. I can provide ideas and help you learn how to advocate for yourself and your baby with your providers (who also sometimes don’t really understand HG). 

You are not alone.

You can survive this. 

You can return to good health. 

You can return to experiencing joy in life. 

You can keep your unborn baby safe and healthy. 

You are not alone.