Breastfeeding Consultations and Classes

Breastfeeding Classes and Support

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for mother and baby! Just as with labor and birth, we want to help you feel prepared and confident to breastfeed your baby. Set yourself up for success by taking our Breastfeeding Essentials class during your pregnancy, and consider our private, in-home Lactation Consultations for personalized support after your baby is born. You can do it — we can help!

Breastfeeding Essentials

This 2-hour class is designed to boost your confidence with breastfeeding! We will discuss milk production, how to know if baby is getting enough, hunger cues, proper latch, nursing positions, and so much more! 

Cost: $75

Lactation Consultations


Up to a 2-hour in-home private lactation consultation, which includes: 

  • + physical assessment
  • + breastfeeding observation
  • + weighted feed
  • + assistance with pumping/expressing
  • + answer any questions and address any concerns 
  • + customized care plan
  • + 2 weeks of phone support via text or call

    Cost: $175



Option B includes ALL of Option A PLUS a second in-home visit. This follow-up (up to 1 hour) includes:

  • + breastfeeding observation
  • + weighted feed
  • + answer any questions and address any concerns
  • + make changes to care plan if needed
  • + one additional week of phone support 
  • + referrals if necessary

Cost: $250