Birth Doula Support

Birth Doula Support

Blessed Birth Doula of CNY is ready to support you and your family throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth. We are pleased to offer options for support so you can choose what will be most beneficial for your family.
Premium – $1,400

This package includes everything! Your two professional, experienced doulas will work as a team to provide the ultimate support. Perfect for first-time or experienced parents, women planning a VBAC, and anyone who wants the ultimate in support for their pregnancy and birth.

~TWO professional, experienced doulas – the team approach has so many benefits for you:

  •       + a broad range of education, certifications, and experience
  •       + your doulas share on-call time, ensuring that you have a rested, refreshed doula who is ready to provide excellent support
  •       + you already know and feel comfortable with both of your doulas

~ One private prenatal session in your home to discuss:

    • + Options and your goals for labor and birth
    • + Early signs of labor
    • + Typical labor progression
    • + Assistance with writing a birth preferences document (if desired)
    • + Discussion of comfort measures and other coping methods for labor
    • + What to pack for the hospital OR what items to prepare for your homebirth
    • + Planning for your postpartum
    • + Any specific circumstances you have that will impact labor and birth
  • ~ Unlimited phone/text support throughout pregnancy.
  • ~ Continuous support during labor: phone/text support from the beginning of labor until you decide you are ready for in-person support during active labor, at which time your doula will join you at your home or at the hospital. Your doulas will provide exceptional emotional and practical support throughout labor and birth.
  • ~ Approximately one to two hours of support following your baby’s birth, during which your doula can assist if you plan to breastfeed and help you get settled.
  • ~ One postpartum visit in your home, usually one or two weeks after birth – we work with your circumstances and schedule.
  • ~Several weeks of phone/text/email support postpartum for questions, basic newborn care support.
Exclusive – $250

This option is available for women who have had a previous vaginal birth and want a refresher on options during labor, help with writing a birth preferences document, and basic postpartum planning. This package does not include in-person labor support.

  • ~ One video call (approx. 1.5-2.0 hours) to review:
    • + Your goals for labor and birth
    • + Early signs of labor
    • + Typical labor progression
    • + Writing a birth preferences document
    • + Planning for your postpartum
  • If after completing our video call for the Exclusive package you choose to upgrade to a Premium package, the $250 will be put toward your deposit. 
Payment options

Payments can be made via cash or check (make checks payable to Blessed Birth Doula of CNY). For Premium package, a non-refundable retainer fee of half your package is due at contract signing, with the balance due by 36 weeks. For the Exclusive package, the entire fee is due at the time you schedule your appointment.

+ Blessed Birth Doula of CNY is honored to offer a 5% discount for all active duty and retired members of the United States military (pregnant client or her husband, proper documentation required). Thank you for your family’s service to our country.

+ Blessed Birth Doula of CNY is honored to offer a 5% discount to mothers who will be loving placing their babies for adoption (proper documentation required). Contact us to discuss what doula support can look like for your unique situation.