Elizabeth is honored and grateful for these kind words from former clients. Schedule a complimentary consultation if you’d like to find out how having doula support can make a difference for your family. 


“We loved working with Elizabeth—she was helpful and communicative throughout the process, responsive to and respectful of our needs and preferences, and she even helped us find a new midwife after we moved cities in late pregnancy. Most importantly, her presence on the day gave us the confidence to stay at home longer, knowing we were supported, and all the tools we needed during labor—she was an essential coach for both of us, before, during, and after. We couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience.” –Emily, Manlius

“Elizabeth was incredible. I am so, so thankful she was there and our doula. She was such a good support exactly what we knew we needed.” –Rebecca, Syracuse 

“I am a 37-year-old female who worked with Elizabeth during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. As a new mom who was inexperienced with the process, I was so grateful to have Elizabeth walk me through the process. She answered all my crazy questions and provided unlimited support. She also provided education on the details of all types of births, so I wasn’t surprised by any last-minute changes. The best part was that she was able to text me anytime. I had an unscheduled c-section and while she wasn’t able to physically be with me, she provided the unconditional knowledge and support I needed to help me through the birth process. She was not only an amazing doula and emotional support for my family, but she has become a personal friend who I have come to adore and trust. I recommend Elizabeth as a doula to anyone looking for amazing and unconditional support during and after pregnancy.” –Megan, Syracuse

“Elizabeth was absolutely wonderful and instrumental in our birth experience.” –Johanna, repeat client, Syracuse

“I will tell all my friends to seek out a doula when pregnant – it allowed me to have the best birth experience possible. I’m very grateful for Elizabeth’s help.” –Bahar, Syracuse

“My labor and delivery went very fast, so Elizabeth was not able to implement many techniques. However, conversations we had prior to delivery helped me immensely. I don’t think it would have gone as quickly if I weren’t as prepared and confident.” –Deb, Elbridge

Kind words from Peers

“I enjoyed working with Elizabeth. I felt as if she had a good bond with her [patient] and she really was a benefit to the team. I believe that the patient’s experience went as well as can be expected because of this doula’s involvement. I look forward to working with her again.” –Tori, RN, Labor & Delivery 




“Elizabeth was incredible. I am so, so thankful she was there and our doula. She was such a good support exactly what we knew we needed.”

–Rebecca, Syracuse