The WHY of Being a Doula

The WHY of Being a Doula

My husband and I with our second child, a few minutes after he was born, hence my exhausted look. (2008)

What is more fundamental than birth? Aside from her wedding day, the days that her babies were born are usually the most important memories a woman carries with her. She never forgets how she was made to feel, whether she was respected, and if it was peaceful or frightening when her child was born. 

When I was pregnant with our first, I was petrified with fear. Despite knowing millions and millions of women had been through labor and birth before me, I was convinced that I would be the one who would not be able to do it. I don’t know exactly why I was so scared – I don’t specifically remember any horror stories or incidents that influenced the way I felt – I just knew that it was something new and I didn’t feel prepared and didn’t know how I’d be able to do it. 

Clearly I had never heard of doulas at that point. 

Thankfully my husband was absolutely wonderful support (he calls himself a “doul,” get it?). Our oldest child was there with us for the labors and births of our fourth and fifth children, which brought a whole new level to those experiences. I look back on my birth experiences with fondness, some frustration, but mostly gratitude. When I learned about doulas I almost instantly knew that I was called to this work – not just a job, but more of a vocation. My primary vocation is wife and mother, but there are elements from those that flow into how I support clients and their families. I think for me, mothering has always been a calling, and finding doula work was a natural step for me. The services I provide are deeply fulfilling for me, knowing that I can assist in bringing confidence, peace, compassion and so much more to my clients in their birth experiences. 

As I have added services over the years and expanded my roles in the birthworker world, I still always come back to my work as a birth doula as one of the best, most humbling things I think I can do with my time, aside from spending it with my family.

I hope your work brings you as much joy and fulfillment as mine does for me.

Just after the birth of our third, 2010. (Different hospital, same patterned gown.)