Preparing for Birth: Childbirth Education and Birth Doula Services

Preparing for Birth: Childbirth Education and Birth Doula Services

Working with women and families to provide support during labor is such a special thing. I think the predominant system looks at labor and birth as a problem to be managed, but I don’t. I see it as a beautiful, normal life event that we are designed to do, to work through, to enjoy. Yes, enjoy. Labor is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. When given the right support, it can be filled with moments of profound appreciation for the amazing things womens’ bodies do, for the privilege of being part of creating and bringing new life. I am always humbled when I can contribute in a small way to a woman finding her strength, embracing the process, and experiencing the absolute joy that comes with bringing forth her child. 

For me, having information and understanding things generally helps me to feel less tense, and I’d say the majority of the clients I’ve served would agree. Information doesn’t equate to control, but it does give the ability to make decisions in a more informed, peaceful way.

I remember feeling a little lost when I was taking my first childbirth education class in 2005. It seemed to be more about hospital policies and rules rather than how I would experience childbirth. Luckily our daughter decided it was time to be born – 3.5 weeks early – and saved us from another week of that awful class. 

Fast-forward to today: I am now teaching those childbirth education classes. Well, not those blah ones! What I teach is evidence-based, informative, interesting, and important. When I decided to become a Certified Childbirth Educator I knew right away the program I wanted to go through: Birth Beautifully.

Taking that training and becoming certified gave me all the right tools and confidence to be able to make a difference for families (and help my family at the same time). If you’re interested in taking a childbirth education class, definitely contact me – we can arrange a private class in your home, for just you and your spouse or for a small group of family or friends who are also pregnant. I’ll also be sharing a schedule soon with public classes. 

I have to say, it’s always so great when I have birth doula clients who have taken my childbirth education class. They end up so educated sometimes I think they should be up there teaching with me! When I support clients through labor and birth and they are able to make informed decisions with confidence and have a good experience, it’s the best feeling. Now of course I do lots of education with each client who hires me for birth doula or VBAC birth doula support, but there is just so much to talk about and learn in regard to labor and birth, that we wouldn’t be able to get to everything, and that’s why I encourage everyone to take a childbirth education class in addition to what they receive prenatally through birth doula services. 

Remember I told you about my husband being a natural at birth support? We’ve got a childbirth ed class in the works called “Hers & His: Childbirth Education for Couples.” Women and men need different things during labor and birth, and experience things differently. Bringing all the same evidence-based information while also some unique masculine and feminine perspectives is the goal. Men often feel more comfortable around other men rather than in a traditional mixed class setting. We’re planning for our class to be the best of both worlds.