Beyond Pregnancy: The Importance of Postpartum and Newborn Care

Beyond Pregnancy:
The Importance of Postpartum and Newborn Care

My three oldest kiddos, 2010.

There are some doulas who only provide birth support, and some who only provide postpartum support. Blessed Birth Doula of CNY offers both! 

When I was in the thick of it with young kids and babies, postpartum work wasn’t for me. I had my own little ones at home and was going through those postpartum experiences myself. Now that my kids are just a few years older, it’s amazing the difference it makes as far as sleep, routines, and the ability to do other things. (I miss the days when my babies were babies, and if someone could invent a time traveling machine soon so I could go back now and then, that would be great.) 

Anyway, my family life now allows for me to step away a bit more than it did then, so I started offering postpartum services too. I mainly offer overnight support (Do you want more sleep? Call me!) but sometimes I do day shifts as well. Postpartum support is so important – everything in your life is suddenly different, even if this is not your first baby. There’s always a transition period when everything feels out of control, you’re exhausted, and you just need a little help. That’s where postpartum doulas come in: we are there to help you through, to make that time of survival mode a little easier. 

For most of human history, people lived near or with their extended families. They had mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, etc. who were always nearby and they would carry each other during times like postpartum. Our society has changed and we don’t always have those connections physically close to where we are anymore – but postpartum doulas can do much to bridge that gap. 

Whether it’s teaching you how to swaddle your little one, helping you with figuring out your breast pump, caring for your baby while you shower or sleep, or just being there to listen when you need to talk, we postpartum doulas have a heart for mothers. I really love my job.